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Size: 4 x 100g salts



If you thought that all salt was the same, then this multi-coloured selection will make you think again. The salts vary in texture, taste, size and colour, helping to bring out different flavours in different dishes and create exciting textures and aesthetic effects.

Red alaea and black lava salt both create dramatic contrasts when used against plain backgrounds. The Hawaiian alaea has a course, crunchy bite, while the glistening lava salt from Palm Island is renowned for its oceanic, charred, mineral taste. The Viking salt has big smoky flavours, made from sea water which has been evaporated over a juniper, cherry, elm, beach and oak-wood fire. Lastly, the Persian blue is an elegant salt studded with sapphire-coloured crystals.

Contains 4 x 100g packets of fine salts, plus tasting notes.

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