Rose-Infused Chocolate Truffle Kit

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Technique: Patisserie
Recipe Ideas: Rose-infused chocolate truffles



These rose truffles can make the perfect end to a dinner party or a beautiful hand-made gift. The floral flavour is very delicate, and cuts through the dark chocolate perfectly. Rose petals are used in two different ways in this recipe – they are heated with the cream to infuse the ganache, and also ground in a pestle and mortar with a little sugar to make a powder for coating the chocolate spheres. This technique creates a beautiful dusky pink hue that makes the truffles almost too pretty to eat.

The set contains 500g of 54% dark chocolate couverture - the perfect cocoa percentage to complement the delicately scented rose petals; a melon baller for shaping the truffles; and two bags of edible rose petals. This is the perfect amount to make two batches of 25-30 chocolate truffles. Each time you will just need 300ml of double cream, and a little caster sugar. Plus if you don't already own one, a pestle and mortar is used for creating the rose petal powder for dusting. 

Includes a recipe card for rose-infused chocolate truffles.

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