Salts & Peppers

Salts & Peppers

Salt and pepper deserve to be more than a mere afterthought - and we've travelled the globe sourcing the most unusual, colourful and flavourful salts and peppers. Start exploring with the World Salt Selection and World Pepper Selection.

In our pepper store there are the bold eucalyptus flavours of cubeb pepper, the famous spicy heat of Java long pepper, alongside more delicate grapefruit flavours of little known timut pepper. And our favourite - the incredibly rare Madagascan Voatsiperifery pepper. Meanwhile, our table is bursting with colourful salts: classic fleur de sel de Guerande, side by side with yellow curried and smoky Viking smoked salt, Persian blue salt, the ferrous bite of Haiwaii's red alae and crunch of black lava salts. Even cook with salt - heating a Himalayan salt plate on the BBQ to sear chicken, or serve cold for salt-cured sashimi, or presenting salted caramel ice cream. 

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