Haro Green Japanese Tea Cup

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Origin: Japan
SKU: BA0138
Size: D6.5 x H8.5 cm - 150 ml
Cuisine: Japan



Use the haro green Japanese stoneware tea cup to enjoy an authentic cup of Japanese green tea. Prepare your tea in a teapot, then carefully pour into the haro tea cup – and if you get a single tea leaf floating upright, that’s a sign of good luck!

‘Haro’ is the Japanese word for ‘waves’, and the glossy, pale green glaze looks just like waves lapping a shore. The sweeping ridges may just look like part of the design, but they’re actually cleverly positioned to make holding the tea cup more comfortable.

Please note that each piece is individually made, hence minor variations in colour, pattern and texture may occur from that shown in the photo. Microwave & dishwasher safe.

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