Purple Geisha Bento Box

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Origin: Japan
Size: Total capacity 640ml, including bowl
Cuisine: Japan
Recipe Ideas: Teriyaki Chicken & Japanese Salad Bento Lunch Ideas



This geisha, or princess-style bento box splits into three sections and is a fun and practical way of storing meals. The top, ‘hat’ section is an inverted bowl - tuck a small sachet of instant miso soup into here whilst travelling, and just add hot water when ready to eat. The second ‘face’ level has a hermetic seal for storing stews or dressed salads without leaking. The bottom ‘body’ level is a perfect container for buns, sushi or rice.  

Other boxes in the same bento family include the samurai bento boxpink geisha bento box, and sumo warrior bento box.

The bento box is microwave safe. Dimensions: 100mm diameter x 130mm high. Capacity : 640ml (200ml x 2 + 240ml)

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