Fish Mould

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Origin: China
SKU: LO0013
Size: Small, medium or large
Cuisine: China
Technique: Patisserie



In Chinese culture, the golden-coloured koi carp is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, hence its traditional presence as part of the feast on a Chinese banqueting table.

Shaped like a swimming fish, this appealing plastic fish mould (available in three different sizes) offers a chance to bring out your inner jelly artistry to the fore. Simply create your jelly, either shop-bought or home-made using gelatine sheets pour it into the rinsed fish mould, chill in the fridge until set, then turn out carefully onto a serving dish.

Experiment with flavours, such as fresh orange or blood orange juice flavoured with vodka, for a sophisticated, grown-up dessert, guaranteed to surprise and delight your friends.

Fish mould dimensions

Small fish mould: approx. 16cm x 7.5cm
Medium fish mould: 23cm x 10cm
Large fish mould: 29cm x 14cm

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