Dolsot Bibimbap Kit

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Origin: South Korea
Cuisine: Korea
Also known as: Ddukbaegi, Korean stone bowl, dol sot
Recipe Ideas: Dolsot Bibimbap, The Beginner's Guide To Bibimbap



Dolsot bibimbap is a Korean rice dish, served in a searingly hot stone bowl – the ‘dolsot’. The dolsot bowl should be slowly brought up to heat in an oven, while the sticky, sushi rice is cooking on the hob. To make bibimbap, sesame oil is heated inside the dolsot bowl, and then the cooked rice is heaped in – so that it starts frying in the sesame oil. Traditional bibimbap is then topped with vegetables, a raw egg yolk and gochujang chilli paste. It’s stirred through at the table – so the egg yolk and rice cook in the heat from the stone dish, and the vegetables stay piping hot.

This bibimbap kit contains a recipe card, and enough ingredients to cook our traditional Korean bi bim bap recipe 12-18 times. It contains an authentic Korean dolsot stone bowl, sesame oil, gochujang paste and delicious sushi rice. All you need is a few vegetables to stir fry, and an egg to crack on the top – a great store cupboard supper! 

Please note the gochujang that is currently being sent with the gift set is in a pouch rather than the tub shown in the picture. The products are packed together for postage, with a piece of pretty tissue paper in the top of the parcel. If the set is a gift, and you would like it sent direct to the recipient, we can include a handwritten gift message - just select 'include gift message' at checkout. 

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