De Buyer Non-Stick Muffin Mould

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Origin: France
SKU: DB0077
Cuisine: France
Technique: Patisserie



The De Buyer non-stick muffin mould is ideal for classic American-style muffins. Stick to favourites like blueberry or choc-chip, or try your hand at savoury combinations like cheese and rosemary.

The iron mould evenly diffuses heat for uniform cooking. It is coated in PTFE for excellent non-stick properties, protection against oxidation and easy cleaning. Grease before use or line each mould with a muffin case.

The De Buyer non-stick muffin mould makes 12 muffins. Each mould is 5.3cm in diameter on the base, 7.8cm diameter at the top and 3.5cm deep.

Hand wash only with non-abrasive sponge. PFOA-free.

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