Cocoa Nibs

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Origin: France
SKU: KE0013
Size: 75g
Cuisine: France
Technique: Patisserie
Recipe Ideas: Meringue Petit Four Recipe Chocolate Ice Cream Petits Fours



Cocoa nibs are roasted cocoa beans, which have been separated from their husks and broken into small chips. Although they are the essence of chocolate, they taste very bitter in this pure form, and can be best when paired with sweet flavours.

Try adding the cocoa nibs into shortbread recipes, stir into ice cream or add to fruit granola. Cocoa nibs can equally be used in conjunction with chocolate - as a covering for truffles or on top of ice cream.The intensely-flavoured nibs can also be infused into milk and cream to introduce new, sophisticated flavours to panna cotta.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans. May contain traces of nuts, milk, egg and soya proteins, gluten and peanut.

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