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This set of maverick flavours is the perfect present for adventurous cooks and chefs. If you’re worried that a pot of chutney or bottle of oil won’t cut it, then this combination of chillies, peppers and salts is plenty to excite them and get their creative juices flowing. Also available are the Maverick Flavour Hamper and the Maverick Flavour Selection: Sweet.

The kit is packaged in a smart black presentation tube and includes:

  • Java long pepper: a potent pepper, with with strong eucalyptus flavours in the mouth – favoured with red meat in particular, and holds its own strongly-flavoured dishes like a curry or a tagine. It is also used in some Indian garam masala mixes for the intensity of flavour; and conversely often the pepper of choice in sweet recipes, for poaching pears or even making ‘long pepper cream’.
  • Habanero chilli powder:  the hottest chilli grown in Latin America brings fiery fruity-citrus flavours to dishes. The small, lantern-shaped chilli pepper comes from the same family as the scotch bonnet. Ranking between 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville Scale of chilli heat, add just a pinch to spice rubs, enchilada sauces or even cocktails.
  • Espelette pepper: grown in Espelette in South West France, just over the border from San Sebastián, the pepper has been awarded a Designation of Origin (DOP). Espelette pepper is used as part of the curing process for Bayonne hams, as well as spicing honey or bread, and the starring ingredient in traditional Basque dishes – such as pipérade fish stew.
  • Black lava sea salt: follows the Hawaiian tradition of blending activated charcoal with seawater to make salt with a glistening black shine, renowned for its oceanic, mineral flavour. Sprinkle over fish, or bread dough - as an alternative to sesame seeds for a dramatic garnish with a salty crunch.
  • Salish smoked salt: the salt follows the centuries-old Salish American Indian practice of smoking salt over red alder branches, in Washington USA. Bring smoky campfire flavours to scrambled eggs or fish; use to dip quails' eggs in, or sprinkle over chicken or ribs before roasting.

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