Instant Dashi Powder

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Origin: Japan
SKU: JP0001
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 months
Recipe Ideas: Tempura Prawn & Miso Soup , Japanese Octopus Takoyaki Recipe, Japanese Okonomiyaki Pancake Recipe



Dashi stock forms the basis of many Japanese soups, dipping sauces and marinades. Although it’s possible to make your own using dried seaweed or bonito flakes, this is the quickest and easiest way – simply stir one of the ten sachets into a pan of hot water until the powder has dissolved.

What is dashi?

Dashi is an umami-rich, salty, fish-based stock. Water is brought to near boiling with kelp and flakes of katsuobushi or bonito – dried and fermented skipjack tuna. This liquid is then strained, and the resultant clear broth is the finished dashi stock. Dashi was the first food in which the flavour umami was identified.

How do I cook with dashi?

Dashi is frequently used in soups – particularly miso and the broths for ramen. For a classic miso soup, dissolve white miso paste in hot dashi, and add small cubes of tofu, wakame seaweed and fresh spring onion – but experiment with seasonal ingredients for the true Japanese experience. A small amount of dashi is often used to enhance dipping sauces for tempura, dumplings and soba noodles, as the stock lends an umami boost to other ingredients. You can also mix dashi into the batter for okonomiyaki or takoyaki for extra flavour.

Add some tamari and mirin to your dashi and use it to poach vegetables. Allow them to cool in the stock to really absorb all the flavour, and use the vegetables to garnish a big bowl of rice or noodle soup. Dashi is also a great pickling ingredient – combine with rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce and honey for a sweet, sour and umami pickling liquid. Young cucumbers and daikon – Japanese radish – work particularly well in this brine.

How do I choose which instant dashi to buy?

Instant dashi powder is a great store cupboard ingredient for keen Japanese cooks, and many Japanese people prefer the convenience of instant dashi powder. Each sachet makes enough dashi stock for 4-5 servings of miso soup, or 2-3 servings of noodle broth. The instant dashi powder dissolves in boiling water straight away.

Also available are dashi stock ‘tea bags’ – these bags contain all of the dried ingredients you’d use to make your own dashi, but in a handy tea bag. This dashi takes a little longer to make – around 3-4 minutes – but is considered to give a more authentic dashi flavour.

Ingredients: Bonito powder, bonito extract, yeast extract, glucose, flavour enhancer E621, E631, E627, salt. Contains fish and milk.

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