Extra Fine Wood Chip Selection

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Size: 6 x 200g bags
Technique: Smoking
Recipe Ideas: Choosing a Home Smoker



For use with the Cameron Stovetop Smoker, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (100g produces 10 hours of cold smoke), and some hand held smokers.

This extra fine wood chip set contains six packs of extra fine, flavoured wood chips which can be used for both cold smoking and hot smoking - the extra fine chips are almost like a 'wood dust'. When heated, the wood chips give off a variety of differently-flavoured smoke, which can be used to infuse exciting flavours into fish, meats, cheeses and vegetables.
Pair the different wood types with different foods – while hickory smoke gives off big flavours best used for brisket or ribs, beech has more delicate aromas, suitable for fish and hard cheeses.

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