White Soy Sauce - Yamashin Shiro Shoyu


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Origin: Japan
SKU: JP0087
Size: 1.8l
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 1 month
Technique: Sushi


White soy sauce, or Yamashin shiro shoyu, is prized for its delicate flavour and pale colour.

White soy sauce is made with a higher percentage of wheat than traditional soy sauce – 90% wheat and only 10% soybeans. This gives the sauce its signature pale colour. The steamed wheat also creates a much milder, subtler flavour than traditional soy sauce.

Shiro shoyu is the Japanese chef’s choice for clear soups, or suimono, to enhance the umami flavours while keeping the broth beautifully clear. Also serve as a dipping sauce with sushi, so as not to overpower delicate fish and seafood.

The Yamashin shiro shoyu white soy sauce comes in a large 1.8L bottle that’s ideal for restaurants and catering purposes.

Please note – this product has a relatively short shelf life, as it does not contain preservatives.

Ingredients: water, wheat, salt, wheat protein, ethyl alcohol, defatted soybeans. Contains allergens: gluten, soy.

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