Wasara Compostable Plate & Cup Sample Pack


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Origin: Japan
SKU: WS0018
Size: 8 individual pieces


The Wasara plate & cup sample pack is ideal for familiarising yourself with the range of Wasara tableware. We’ve included one of each of the eight designs in our range of Wasara compostable tableware.

Disposable Wasara tableware embraces the Japanese values of hospitality and courtesy – not just towards other people, but also the environment. The fully compostable tableware is made from fast growing, sustainable bamboo, and bagasse – a by-product of extracting the juice from sugar cane that is usually wasted – meaning that Wasara’s environmental impact when it comes to sourcing raw materials is extremely low. 

Wasara are not just Earth-conscious; they’re design-conscious too. The organic, elegant flowing lines of the plates, bowls and cups have all been designed to fit comfortably and naturally in the hand. The simplicity and purity of the design makes Wasara tableware timeless – it will look at home in any situation and will continue to be stunning for years to come. Such design has only been made possible by the outstanding skills of Japanese designers, as cutting and forming the wavy edges requires a specialist cutting tool – not to mention the unique moulds that needed developing to form the different items. Wasara tableware is designed in Japan and moulded in China.

The name ‘Wasara’ is formed of two Japanese words – ‘wa’ and ‘sara’. The most direct translation of these is ‘Japanese’ and ‘dish’ respectively. But, like many Japanese words, each can also be written using different characters to give different meanings: ‘wa’ can also be written to mean peace or cycle; ‘sara’ can be written to mean renewal. This careful choice of name reflects Wasara’s strong awareness of Japan and its relation to the environment.

Made from compostable materials, and so not intended for reuse. Do not use as a cooking or storage container, nor in the microwave or oven. Avoid contact with fire and boiling water. Biodegradable and compostable. 100% tree free.

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