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Verjuice is from the French words vert jus - literally green juice. It is made from the juice of unripe and unfermented grapes, and is sweet and floral, with a very gentle acidity - used in cooking when lemon juice or vinegar might be too tart. This makes the verjuice a great good ingredient for deglazing pans, or introducing a little acidity to cut through a rich sauce.

The world famous Australian chef and food writer Maggie Beer is a great advocate of verjuice, and has written an entire cookbook of verjuice recipes. Verjuice has been used since ancient times, yet she was the first in the world to produce verjuice commercially at her beautiful wine estate in the Barossa Valley. Maggie Beer says verjuice  'lifts the palate, and gives a beautiful piquancy without overtaking any of the flavours you are cooking with'.

Although often overlooked in British kitchens, verjuice is used widely in European dishes such as such as Alhada Tolosenca – a sauce from Languedoc made from ground walnuts, garlic, oil and a splash of the verjuice. Use verjuice in salad dressings, deglazing the pan when cooking fish and chicken or poaching dried fruit to serve with a glossy dollop of mascarpone.

Ingredients: Grape juice (99%), grape concentrate, food acid (malic), preservative (220). Contains sulphites.

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