Toban Plate


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Origin: Japan
SKU: BA0164
Size: 19cm dia, 6 Go
Cuisine: Japan


The toban plate is the classic Japanese stove-to-table dish. You can take the earthenware dish straight from the stove or oven to the table.

Use the toban over a gas flame to sear strips of steak or fish fillets. You can also place sliced vegetables on the dish with butter, soy sauce or stock, then cover with the lid and steam in the oven.

Toban plates heat slowly, but retain heat for a very long time. This means you can keep food hot throughout a whole meal.

The clay used to the make the toban is slightly porous. Before first use, you’ll need to ‘seal’ the dish. Carefully fill the dish with water mixed with cornstarch – you want it to be thick and very starchy! Heat over a gas flame with diffuser, or in the oven, until the water boils. Then remove from the heat, and allow the dish to cool with the cornstarch mixture in it.

Once cool, wash the toban and allow it to dry overnight. The next day give it a quick wash with clean water and towel dry thoroughly, then it’s ready to use.

Care instructions:

-          Do not leave food in the dish over night or for long periods of time

-          Do not leave to soak with soap/detergent. Wash immediately after use and leave to dry thoroughly.

-          Do not heat the pot when empty

-          If using a gas cooker, use a diffuser

-          Make sure the outside of the toban is completely dry before use to prevent damage

Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher. Cannot be used on electric/glass-top/ceramic stoves. 

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