Timut Pepper


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Origin: Nepal
SKU: TR0073
Size: 30g
Minimum Shelf Life: 12 months
Also known as: Timur, thingay, yer ma


Timut – or timur – pepper is a Nepalese pepper, which has the cold spiciness of a sichuan peppercorn, with remarkable hints of grapefruit. The timut peppercorns is, in fact, related to the Sichuan pepper. Both come from the zanthoxylum family, which helps explain the distinctive tongue-tingling taste shared by both timut and sichuan peppercorns.

The big citrus notes make timut peppercorns a great seasoning for fish and green vegetables. Finely ground timur peppercorns are also used in chicken marinades, daal and is often mixed with a little melted butter for a simple and delicious sauce to toss boiled potatoes in. 

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