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We’ve carefully selected seven hard-to-find Moroccan pantry staples, so you can start cooking from Paula Wolfert’s beautiful and definitive book on Moroccan cuisine, The Food of Morocco, the moment you receive it. Book included. Buy the set and save £20 off RRP, or save £10 off the prices on Sous Chef.

Kit includes:

  • Argan oil: Argan oil is native to Morocco, and comes from the country’s UNESCO-protected forest. This organic argan oil imparts hazelnut flavours into everything from Wolfert’s ‘tagine with fresh mussels, olives, chilli and argan oil’ to her authentic ‘amlou dip’.
  • Cubeb peppercorns: Wolfert lists cubeb peppercorns as her “personal favourite”. They are used in her home blend ras el hanout, and also feature in Wolfert’s La Kama spice mixture which is used to flavour fish, lamb and chicken tagines.
  • Orange blossom water: The intense aromas from this orange blossom water (referred to in The Food of Morocco as ‘orange flower water’) run throughout the book's sweet and savoury recipes. From radish, cucumber and carrot salads to sticky-sweet pastry ktaif and Moroccan rice puddings, orange blossom water is integral when creating bitter-sweet North African flavours.
  • Saffron: A little goes a long way with saffron, so this 1g pot will allow you to try several of the recipes which include the infamous Moroccan spice featured on the front cover of her book. ‘Saffron water’ is used in tagines, couscous, soups and sides for both its dusky, honey-hay flavours and its intense yellow colour.
  • Ras el hanout: Ras el hanout translates as ‘best in the shop’, and is a traditional spice mix including white pepper, kaffir lime and rose. Ras el hanout is featured in The Food of Morocco in everything from her Harcha with gunea foul to the chicken stuffed with rice, almonds and raisins – and in the drinks section, there’s even a recipe for coffee ras el hanout.
  • Paprika: Although paprika is best known as a Spanish spice, it frequently features in Moroccan recipes – particularly alongside ones using tomato sauces. Use this high quality and robust variety of paprika in the charmoula marinade used in fish dishes and harira soups.
  • Rose buds: Rose buds are surprisingly hard to find – these can be used as a garnish, infused into teas, or used in a sugar syrup to flavour sweets. Wolfert also dry-grinds the rose buds to create a home blend ras el hanout used in various recipes throughout The Food of Morocco.  

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