Takoyaki Pan (Cast Iron)


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Origin: Japan
SKU: BC0018
Size: 18cm diameter, 14cm handle
Cuisine: Japan
Recipe Ideas: Japanese Octopus Takoyaki Recipe


This takoyaki pan allows you to make the popular Japanese street food snack at home. Takoyaki are little dumplings filled with pieces of cooked octopus – the “tako” – and then fried “yaki”.

This cast iron takoyaki pan makes batches of 14 takoyaki balls at once, and works on induction stoves. Brush a little oil into each of the 14 wells of the takoyaki pan, and heat it up before filling the well with a hemisphere of batter. Keep rotating the cooking batter, adding more and more of the mixture until it forms a perfect round in the takoyaki pan. Click through to The Bureau of Taste for the precise recipe. 

Traditionally, the octopus takoyaki balls are served with Japanese mayonnaise, aonori seaweed flakes, okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes, all of which are available individually and as part of the Takoyaki octopus ball kit. Also try ‘sweet takoyaki’ by replacing the soy dashi and octopus with a little sugar, vanilla, fruit or chocolate. 

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