Sushi Collection Sashimi Knife 210mm


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Origin: Japan
SKU: JK0024
Size: 210mm
Cuisine: Japan
Technique: Sushi


The Sushi Collection 210mm sashimi knife, or yanagiba, is an elegant Japanese knife for cutting perfect slices of sashimi. Yanagiba means ‘willow leaf’ – a reference to the long, tapered shape of the blade.

The long, thin blade is for the express purpose of slicing sashimi with one single cut, as sawing backwards and forwards can leave unsightly marks in the surface of your fish. It also makes it much harder to keep your slices of an even thickness, so one smooth motion is much to be preferred.

This style of knife has an asymmetrical blade that is bevelled on one side only – unlike Western knives, which are bevelled on both. This means the knife cuts at an angle on the right-hand side, and it takes some practice to be able to use one correctly. Once you’ve got the knack, however, the one-sided bevel makes it very easy to get paper-thin slices of sashimi.

The Sushi Collection sashimi knife is fully forged from high carbon stainless steel, for an exceptionally tough blade that takes a razor-sharp edge. It is finished with a single layer of soft stainless steel to add weight and act as a shock absorber. The handle is made from magnolia wood – the traditional wood to use for sushi knives – and a synthetic horn collar prevents the handle from splitting.

This knife can only be used by right-handed chefs, due to the bevel being on the right of the blade. A 270mm sashimi knife from the Sushi Collection is also available.

Do not use on bones as this may damage the blade. For culinary use only. Clean as soon as possible after use and dry immediately. Not dishwasher safe. Store in a clean, dry place.

Made in Japan.

Only available for sale to over 18’s.

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