Success in Business Sake Set


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Origin: Japan
SKU: DK0101
Size: 500ml flask, 4 x 5.5cm dia cups
Cuisine: Japan


Give this ‘success in business’ sake set as a gift to someone starting a new job, their own business, or just to wish someone luck with their current business.

The message is actually a form of Japanese wordplay, made possible due to the way in which Japanese words can have many different meanings. From top to bottom, left to right, the characters literally read spring, summer, winter/ two masu, five gou (‘masu’ and gou’ are units of measurement). Nonsense? Not quite…

Here’s how to interpret the message: the missing season is ‘autumn’. The Japanese word for autumn is akinai. This word can also mean ‘trade, business’. Instead of saying ‘two masu’ say masumasu – a short phrase meaning ‘more and more’. Finally, instead of ‘five gou’ say hanjou (‘han’ is the Japanese word for ‘five’). A word with this pronunciation can also mean ‘prosperity’. So the overall message can be interpreted as ‘may your business prosper more and more’.

The sake set is finished in a dark brown, almost black matte glaze.

Cups: 5.5cm diameter, 3.8cm deep

Jug: 6.2cm diameter at widest point, 16cm deep, approx. capacity 350ml

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