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Origin: Afghanistan
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This sticky rice cooker set contains all you need to prepare and serve traditional Thai sticky or glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is a fundamental part of Thai cooking as well as the cuisines of neighbouring countries - Laos, Burma and Cambodia. This traditional cooking method gives Thai rice its distinctive sticky texture, perfect for accompanying Thai curries. 

The sticky rice cooker set includes an aluminium pot to hold the water, a conical bamboo basket to cook the rice in and two bamboo pots for serving. This traditional cooking method is suitable for both glutinous rice and the slightly less sticky jasmine rice

To prepare sticky rice:

Soak the rice in cold water for 3-4 hours, or ideally overnight. Also soak the bamboo basket in water for half an hour. Drain and rinse the rice until the water is no longer milky. Half fill the aluminium pot with with water and heat on the stove. When the water comes to the boil place the rice in the basket and set over the pot. Cover with a large saucepan lid. Steam the rice for 20-25 minutes. Transfer the cooked sticky rice to a bamboo tray or clean work surface. Stir and flip the rice to cool it down and prevent the rice from becoming soggy. Transfer to the bamboo pots to serve.

Sticky rice cooker set contains:
Aluminium pot (24cm in diameter), bamboo basket (50cm x 22cm), 2 bamboo serving pots (11cm in diameter by 18cm high)

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