Carbon Steel Wok (Flat Base)


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Origin: China
SKU: SE0025
Size: 33cm diameter
Cuisine: China
Also known as: Flat-bottomed wok


This carbon steel wok is a versatile cooking pan, most often used for stir frying – but also for home-smoking, deep frying and steaming. Carbon steel is the best metal thanks to its ability to heat quickly and evenly. The carbon steel wok’s flat bottom means that that it is suitable for both electric and gas cookers. However, the wok does need to be properly looked after (see seasoning instructions below).

The carbon steel wok is protected by an anti-rust film which must be first washed off with hot water and washing up liquid before use. To season the pan, wipe the inside surface with cooking oil. Pour 5mm of oil into the pan, bring to a high temperature, and then when a smoky-haze appears remove it from the heat and wipe well with kitchen towel. This burns off any remaining coating. Now the pan is ready to use. Always ensure there is enough oil in the pan when using, and wipe with a paper towel after use. If the pan needs washing, ensure it is completely dried and lightly-oiled before storing.

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