Sosa Home Chef Glucose Powder


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Origin: Spain
SKU: SA0007
Size: 180g
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 months
Technique: Patisserie


Sosa Home Chef Glucose Powder is a key ingredient for bakers and pastry chefs. Used a lot by professional kitchens, it is essential for making candies and jellies as it stops the sugar from crystallising. Glucose also lends sweetness, elasticity and softness in your pastries, ganache and truffles.

Glucose is a basic sugar, and a useful ingredient in cooking. If you need to replace glucose liquid for glucose powder, you normally need two-thirds of the amount - so 75g of glucose powder instead of 100g of liquid glucose. Although it isn’t as sweet as normal sugar, you can swap sugar for glucose powder in most recipes (be sure to add more ‘wet’ ingredients – glucose powder absorbs more water than normal sugar).

Glucose is also ideal for ice cream making as it adds stability and creaminess, and reduces ice crystals forming.

Sosa are one of the leading suppliers of specialist ingredients to the best chefs and restaurants across Europe. The Sosa Home Chef range makes these same great ingredients available in slightly smaller sizes, so you can stay at the cutting edge of culinary innovation with frequently changing menus and even in your own home.

Ingredients: Powdered glucose 33DE

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