Sorbet Stabiliser


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Size: 50g
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 months
Technique: Modernist and Molecular, Patisserie
Also known as: Super Neutrose
Recipe Ideas: Yuzu Sorbet, Hibiscus Sorbet


This sorbet stabiliser is a combination of glucose syrup, locust bean gum and carrageenan, designed to stop crystals from forming as liquids sets. This ensures a smooth texture, and softer scoop. It also increases volume, and helps to slow melting as the ice is carried to table. 

Recommended dose

  • Fruit sorbets 4 to 5 g/l

Directions for use

  • Mix the sorbet stabiliser with the  total quantity of sugar in the recipe.
  • Add this powder mix to the liquid in the recipe while stirring.  
  • Let the mix rest for about 15 minutes for the maturation process (i.e. in order to let the stabiliser act correctly)
  • Increase the temperature while stirring, and continue as usual. The stabiliser does need heating to activate it so isn't suitable for recipes where you just blend fruit with ice.

Ingredients: Glucose, thickening agent E410 (carob gum), gelling agents: E401 (alginate), E407 (carrageenans)

Sorbet stabiliser can form lumps when it comes into contact with fat, so it is not suitable for high fat creams. Instead use the ice-cream stabiliser. 

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