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This BBQ kit is the perfect present for BBQ fanatics who love spending time behind a smokin' grill. If ketchup and mustard just won’t cut it, then this combination of liquid smoke and seasonings is sure to get their creative juices flowing. The kit also includes a BBQ basting brush to lock in moisture and flavour right there on the grill.

Kit contents:

  • Hickory Liquid Smoke brings instant campfire flavours to your cooking. Hickory is a strong wood - great with slow-cooked pork butt, added to a marinade for oven-cooked ribs, or brushed onto a steak before grilling. Take care when using, as a little goes a long way!
  • Chipotle Chilli Flakes have an intensely smoky flavour and a mild chilli heat. A pinch adds great smoky depth to stews, mince and spiced vegetables before cooking. Mix with salt and a little brown sugar for a sweet, smoky and hot homemade spice rub.
  • Creole Spice Blend This aromatic five spice blend comes from the Réunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. The intensely sunny Caribbean Creole flavours include kaffir lime - often used in rum cocktails - Mauritian pink peppercorns, as well as thyme, garlic and ginger. The Creole seasoning is best as a summer BBQ rub for fish and meat before cooking. Alternatively add to salad dressings, or sprinkle over oil-tossed asparagus, or even add a little to fragrant coconut curries.
  • Fleur de Sel with BBQ Spices is a beautiful, intensely aromatic finishing salt. Sprinkle over tomatoes, cooked meats or roasted veg to give the classic fleur de sel crunch, with an elegant balance of grilled spice. We also love sprinkling it over meat 30-60 minutes before cooking - for a perfectly seasoned steak or lamb cutlet.
  • BBQ Basting Brush: use to apply sauce or oil to food during a barbecue. This locks in moisture and flavour for succulent ribs, steak and chicken.

Please note the Smoke 'n' Spice BBQ Kit is now shipping with chipotle chilli flakes in place of the chipotle chilli powder photographed.

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