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This array of chilli-based ingredients is sure to delight and inspire chilli fanatics. The pastes, sauces and dried spices from around the world follow chilli’s journey from its native Mexico – represented by piquin chilli – across to Europe. Here chillies became cemented in local cuisine, from Spanish guindilla to the Espelette pepper famed across the Basque region.

In the late fifteenth century, Portuguese explorers took chillies to India where the spiciness became a distinctive part of the national cuisine –demonstrated by the record-breakingly hot naga bhut jolokia chilli, included in this set.

Saddlebags were laden with chillies across the Silk Route, and ships were loaded with the popular spice, transporting it around South East Asia in the sixteenth century. Each country welcomed chilli into its cuisine, and the spice took on different guises – from Korea’s fermented chilli paste, gochujang, to China's Sichuan-style chilli black bean sauce.

The Round The World Chilli Tour is the perfect gift for chilli fanatics – and a great store cupboard haul for inquisitive cooks. The different chilli products show the range and versatility of this world-famous spice, and will inspire a delicious array of dishes. The set comes with a tasting card providing information on each product.

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