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Red alaea salt, also known as red Hawaiian sea salt, is a striking red-coloured salt with an intense flavour.

What is red alaea salt?

Red alaea salt is a rare, unrefined Hawaiian sea salt. It's made from purified sea water and baked volcanic clay - known as 'alaea' in Hawaiian. It is harvested in shallow marshes, where the water evaporates to leave a mineral-rich salt with a very fine, delicate texture.

In Hawaii, red alaea is lauded for its health benefits. Indeed, it contains 80 different minerals, with a particularly high iron content which accounts for red alaea salt's striking colour.

Red alaea salt is also lower in sodium than table salt - and yet, its flavour is more robust. While the intensity of many salts can fade during cooking, this Hawaiian salt retains it from start to finish. This means you can use less red salt without compromising on flavour.

How do I use red alaea salt?

Traditionally, red alaea salt was used for preserving food. But the dramatic colour and mildly nutty notes make this a great finishing salt.

For authentic Hawaiian dishes, sprinkle it over grilled fish, add to jerky seasonings, or serve a small pot alongside kalua pork or Hawaiian poke.

For an eye-catching twist on margaritas, use super-fine red alaea salt to coat the rim of your cocktail glasses. Or use as a dramatic garnish for pale dishes like goats' cheese or poached eggs.

Ingredients: natural sea salt, purified Hawaiian red clay.

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