Guar Gum 40g

Guar Gum 40g


Guar gum is a natural product ground from dried guar seeds. It is commonly used to thicken sauces – guar gum has almost eight times the thickening power of corn starch and about 16 times the thickening power of flour.

The off-white powder is tasteless, and it hydrates quickly and easily in cold or warm water – though if you’re using the guar gum with sugar or starch, then pre-blend it first. Guar gum is often exchanged with, or used in conjunction with xanthan gum, and carrageenans. When using xanthan gum to prevent crumbling, and bind gluten-free products, then it’s often suggested that the best results come from using it with guar gum in a 2:1 ratio. Use in combination with rice flours in gluten-free flour.

Guar gum can also be used to help prevent crystal formation in ice creams, stabilize sauces and smoothies, or even to help emulsify salad dressings.


  • 10g/kg for dairy and reduced fat spreads
  • 5-10g/kg for ice cream, sorbets, pates, jellies, instant desserts, preserves, sauces
  • 2-5g/kg for baked goods: croissants, cakes, breads. Flavoured spirits made from grapes or apples. Flavoured dairy drinks

To Use

  • If using with sugar or another starch, pre-blend before adding to liquid. Then stir well whilst mixing into cold or warm water.
  • If not mixing with sugar or another starch, sprinkle over the surface of the liquid before stirring to mix.
  • Guar gum is insoluble in alcohol or ether.

Ingredients: E412


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