Couronne Linen Wicker Banneton

Couronne Linen Wicker Banneton


This is a traditional French style linen-lined wicker banneton, for artisan home baking. The 'couronne' loaf is a round or crown-shaped loaf - a speciality of Lyon. After shaping the bread dough, place upside down in the couronne-shape banneton or proving basket for its final rise.

Use a banneton to help keep the bread's shape during proving. Also, because water is wicked away from the dough surface during the prove, the wicker banneton is thought to help develop a better crust.  The porous linen lining prevents the dough from sticking to the wicker. 

Just before baking, turn the loaf out of the bread proving basket onto a floured or lined baking sheet. Slash the surface of the bread with a grignette or lame, to help the rise, and place straight into a hot oven to bake. Flour well before use, and give the linen time to dry between bakes.

Internal dimensions: 26cm dia x 8cm h
External dimensions: 29.5cm dia x 9cm h 


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