Chinese Two-Handled Clay Pot

Chinese Two-Handled Clay Pot


For traditional Chinese clay pot dishes

Use a Chinese two-handled clay pot to make traditional Chinese dishes, such as chicken & mushroom clay pot rice, or clay pot chicken with shiitake mushrooms and Chinese sausage. The pot has a rich, brown glaze on the handles and interior, and the rest is unglazed clay.

The porous clay lid first absorbs moisture, then releases it during cooking. This creates a gentle steaming effect, so you get succulent, flavourful food. The wires around the outside help to conduct heat to all parts of the pot for even cooking. Clay also retains heat for a long time, so food stays warm throughout a meal.

This two-handled Chinese clay pot holds enough to make a meal for two, or if served as part of a larger meal will serve many more.

Care instructions

Before first use, soak the Chinese clay pot in warm water overnight and allow it to dry naturally. After each use wash the pot warm water and a stiff brush if necessary. Avoid wire/metal scouring pads. Do not use heavily perfumed or harsh chemical soap on unglazed clay, as it may absorb the soap and affect the flavour of your cooking. These Chinese clay pots are not suitable for dishwashers.

It is important not to pre-heat the oven when using a Chinese clay pot as this may cause cracks. Instead, place the pot and its contents in a cold oven and set the temperature. The clay pot can be heated on the hob but requires pre-soaking in water and a very gentle heat to avoid cracking.

Please note this pot is a traditional piece of Chinese cookware – the glaze and surface is rustic in parts, though will not affect your cooking. 


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