Party Croquembouche Mould


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Origin: United Kingdom
SKU: AL0038
Size: 30cm x 18cm
Technique: Patisserie
Recipe Ideas: Golden Croquembouche Recipe


This unique croquembouche set offers the first real alternative to 'sticky taping' your own cone from cardboard and paperclips, or spending a small fortune on a professional stainless steel mould.

The dessert, known either as a croquembouche (crunch in the mouth) or pièce montée (mounted piece) this tantalising creation involves an assembly of choux buns stuck together with caramel or spun sugar into an elegant conical shape.  A croquembouche is traditionally served at parties celebrating weddings and baptisms in France.

The set comes with three components: Flexible cone, top cap and dual-purpose base. The cone is simply formed and locked in place using the in-built tongue and groove tabs. Place the cone over the base and top-off with the cap. In this form, the choux buns are simply built-up on the outside of the cone, using caramel to stick them in place.

For a smaller dessert, you can invert the cone and build-up the buns on the inside, again sticking them in place with caramel. For this smaller cone it is advisable to use smaller diameter buns to achieve a better definition.

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