Information for EU suppliers from 1st January 2021

As you are already aware, the Brexit transition period ended on the 1st January 2021. As a company which enjoys fantastic trading relationships with many partners across the EU, it will be a very sad day for us. However, we would like to assure you that our intention is to continue to strengthen these partnerships and keep working together to grow our joint business ever more.

There are additional steps which will need to be taken to ensure that goods can move freely across the EU-UK border – please read the below information carefully and contact us if you have any concerns.

All EU shipments destined for the UK will require the following additional information in order to clear Customs on arrival in Great Britain:

  • EORI numbers: Sous Chef’s Economic Operator Registration and Identification number is GB119937677000. You must also include your own EORI number. 
  • Commercial Invoice: this is essential paperwork that is required for goods to clear Customs on arrival to the UK.
  • Product Descriptions: you must provide a detailed description in English of every item included in the shipment. Descriptions must be specific, and accurately characterise the contents of the shipment, including net weight of each item.
  • Commodity Codes: also known as HS codes, these are recognised worldwide by all Customs systems. This must be provided in either an 8 digit or a 10 digit format.
  • Country of Origin: you must declare which country each product was manufactured in – this should be provided in a 2 digit format for the country, for example: ES for Spain
  • Consignment Value: you will be required to declare the value of your items (your selling price to us), including any shipping costs.
  • Reason for Export: for all shipments, you will be required to provide a reason for export. Usually this will be 01 – Sale; it may also be 02 – Return/Replacement; 03 – Gift; 04 – Sample.


You must provide this essential information to the carrier upon despatch, in order to ensure that the shipments can clear UK Customs. Some carriers may request a duty deferment number in order to allow UK Customs to charge Sous Chef directly for the import duty. This can be provided directly to the carrier on request.

The above information must be provided for all shipments due to arrive in the UK on or after the 1st of January 2021. Additional documentation may be required for the export of products of animal origin (POAO).

It is the exporter’s responsibility to ensure that all essential information is included: Sous Chef will not accept responsibility for charges applied by customs due to the absence of required documentation.

Thank you for your continued partnership, and we look forward to working together in 2021 and beyond.