Paella Pan, 4-Person


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Origin: Spain
SKU: BD0001
Size: 26cm diameter base
Cuisine: Spain
Recipe Ideas: Valencian fideua paella, Squid ink paella recipe


This paella pan is the perfect size for a four-person paella. The large, flat base of the paella pan means that 250g of rice spreads into a thin layer, allowing it to cook evenly and absorb stock at a steady rate.

Unlike risottos, this traditional Spanish dish from Valencia shouldn’t be stirred continuously, so the thin base helps achieve the perfect ‘socarrat’ (crispy bottom), creating the toasted caramel flavours of an authentic paella. The dimpled steel allows the pan to sit on a high heat without warping. Season before use and dry thoroughly after cooking. Also use the pan for big Spanish omelettes, or even English fried breakfasts.

The four-person paella pan measures 26cm across the base, and 30cm across the top.

The paella pan is compatible with induction hobs. Also available in store Paella Pan, 8-Person and a Paella Pan 12-Person.

To care for your pan, season before use. After using, dry thoroughly and coat with a thin layer of oil to prevent rusting. Should any spots of rust appear, or any caramelised pieces of paella stick to the pan, use a soft scouring pad (not wire) to buff the residue off. Then wash with warm water and a mild dish washing liquid, and dry imemdiately. Use a kitchen towel to coat the pan with a thin layer of oil before storing.

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