Opinel Oyster & Shellfish Knife


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Origin: France
SKU: IC0033
Cuisine: France


The Opinel oyster & shellfish knife is a robust, short-bladed knife for opening oysters and other shellfish. The narrow point of the blade easily gets in between the two shell halves, and the African bubinga wood handle provides good grip for the twisting motions needed to prise open the shell.

The durable stainless-steel blade is only sharpened at the tip. This helps to prevent any damage to the delicate flesh inside the shells, and protects your fingers as you hold and manoeuvre the blade.

The Opinel oyster & shellfish knife comes with a booklet of tips. Learn how to prepare the oysters and how to open them safely.

If the handle gets wet, it may swell slightly making it hard to open or close the knife. Leave to dry thoroughly, and the handle will return to normal.

The Opinel family started as blacksmiths in Savoie, France in 1800. By 1890, Joseph Opinel had developed the first line of Opinel folding penknives, for which the company would soon become famous. In 1955, Marcel Opinel invented the Virobloc safety ring for all Opinel folding knives – a rotating ‘cap’ where the blade meets the handle, so the knife can be locked open or closed.

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