Oakridge BBQ 'Habanero Death Dust' Rub


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Origin: United States
SKU: BQ0009
Size: 170g, 6 oz
Cuisine: USA
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Technique: Smoking


Oakridge BBQ ‘Habanero Death Dust’ rub is an ultra-hot dry spice rub for true chilli-heads! Make a fiery pulled pork shoulder, or challenge your friends with super spicy chicken wings.

You can also use this fiery spice blend to add heat to marinades and sauces. Simply add a small pinch for heat and smokiness with a hint of sweetness. If you already have a favourite mild rub, mix in the ‘death dust’ in different amounts to create your own range of blends with increasing levels of heat.

 Oakridge BBQ take their rubs and brining blends very seriously. They’re the artisans of the American BBQ scene, going direct to farmers all over the world to source the best ingredients. Each batch of rubs is 100% natural, hand-blended and hand-packed, giving Oakridge BBQ complete control over the quality and freshness of every pack. With over 5000 top 10 awards in professional barbecue competitions across the USA, Europe and even Asia, Oakridge BBQ blends are something truly special.

The signature edition ‘Habanero Death Dust’ was originally a limited-edition blend by Oakridge BBQ. However, it proved so popular on the barbecue circuit, that it’s now a permanent part of their range. It’s often hailed as the best ultra-hot barbecue rub in the world. Boasting a fearsome blend of chillies including habaneros, chipotles and guajillo chillies, the ‘Habanero Death Dust’ is best approached with caution!

Caution: wear gloves when using the rub – it’s so hot, it can cause skin irritation in its ‘raw’ state.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, sea salt, ground chillies (including habanero, chipotle, guajillo, paprika), garlic, onion, cumin, spices. Contains allergens: celery, mustard.

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