Nuka Zuke Tseukemono Pickle Brine


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Origin: Japan
SKU: UI0010
Size: 500ml
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 1 month


Use nuka zuke tsukemono pickle brine to make your own Japanese pickled vegetables at home. Tsukemono – which literally means ‘pickled things’ – are hugely popular in Japan. They are served as side dishes, on plain rice, as snacks with drinks, or incorporated into salads. They are also eaten after large meals to aid digestion. The most widely used vegetables are carrots, daikon (large, white Japanese radish), cucumber, Chinese pointed cabbage and aubergines.

One variety of tsukemono is asazuke – literally ‘shallow pickles’. These are really quick to make, so are ideal if you just can’t wait for your pickle fix! Evenly slice your chosen vegetables and soak in the nuka zuke. You can use a wide, shallow bowl or tray and use just enough nuka zuke to cover the vegetables. Leave between 30 minutes to an hour, then squeeze the vegetables in a clean tea towel to extract the nuka zuke and excess water. Your vegetables will be crunchy and fresh tasting. The longer you leave to soak, the more pronounced the ‘pickled’ flavour will be.

Store at room temperature. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: salt, ume vinegar (plum vinegar, vinegar, salt), rice bran fermented seasoning, kombu extract, yeast extract, acidifier.

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