Nicolas Alziari Fruity & Soft Provence Olive Oil


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Origin: France
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Size: 500ml
Cuisine: France
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months


Nicolas Alziari fruity & soft, or Cuvée Prestige, Provence olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil that made Alziari a household name in Provence.  The olive oil is a blend of oils obtained from different European olive varieties, and the exact recipe is a closely-guarded secret over 100 years old!

Use the soft and fruity olive oil to give a lift to vegetable dishes, or use as a light finishing touch for salads, fish and pasta dishes. It has a delicate, almost almond-like aroma – dip fresh bread into the oil to experience the complex layers of nuttiness, fruitiness and sweetness.

Nicolas Alziari began producing olive oil in Nice in 1868. For 140 years, Alziari have been producing fine French olive oil, expertly blending olives from different terroirs to get the best flavour.

Alziari are one of the few European olive oil producers to champion the ‘Genoese’ method of cold extraction. The freshly picked olives are slowly ground for 2-3 hours to release the oils into a stone basin. The basin is then filled with cold water, and left until the fresh oil floats to the top. It’s collected immediately, and decanted straight into tins and bottles.

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil obtained solely from mechanical means.

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