Netherton Foundry 12" Prospector pan


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Origin: United Kingdom
SKU: NF0004
Size: 12" dia


Netherton Foundry’s double-handled prospector pan is the non-stick pan for those who hate non-stick pans. Unlike better-known Teflon which can peel or scratch after a year, the surface of a spun iron pan becomes more non-stick over time. The prospector pan is sure to become a family heirloom, the memories of family meals and dinner parties with friends building up with each layer of patina. The large 12” pan is versatile enough for one-pot cooking – fry on the hob, brown under the grill and finish cooking in the oven. You can even use the prospector pan for baked desserts – try a fruit cobbler for an autumnal party pudding. Take the pan straight from the hob or oven to the table for sizzling presentation.

Made from Netherton Foundry’s signature spun iron, the prospector pan is lighter than cast iron but still has the sought after non-stick, patina-building qualities and durability. Suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction hobs, the prospector pan heats fast and cools quickly. It also comes pre-seasoned, so you can get cooking right away. In time, a well-seasoned pan can be used to cook virtually fat free, for healthier cooking. Before the first use, wash the pan with hot water. Do not use soap or detergent. Dry immediately with a towel, as leaving to air dry increases the chance of rusting. If you need to scrub, use a plastic bristled brush in hot soapy water, but avoid anything harsher. Avoid detergents completely.

The Netherton Foundry is a family company based in Shropshire – home of the 18th and 19th century ironmasters. Their pans are made from 99.1% pure iron and they use locally sourced materials wherever possible – the oak that makes the pan handles is British, and the flax seasoning oil comes from Sussex. Experienced local craftsmen use traditional manufacturing methods to bring you high quality cookware that gets better over time.

Caution: if using a ceramic or induction hob, increase the heat slowly for the first few uses to prevent buckling. Do not drop hot pans into cold water – this can cause the metal to warp or shatter.

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