Molecular Gastronomy at Home


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Author: Youssef, Jozef
Technique: Modernist and Molecular
Publisher: Firefly Books Lt
Pages: 240 pages
Format: Paperback
Year Published: 2016
Difficulty: Approachable  
Photography: Richly Illustrated  


Molecular Gastronomy, Microgastronomy, Bistronomy, Avant Garde Cuisine, Multi-Sensory Dining all mean the same thing - using food science to bring flavour, texture, taste and aromas to recipes in new ways. This book teaches the experienced home cook how to practise dozens of the most common methods used in molecular gastronomy. Clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs demonstrate each technique so cooks can practise the unique skills and presentation concepts. Techniques that require special equipment are shown with their closest domestic equivalents.

In addition to a brief history of molecular gastronomy, how it works, ingredients used and important safety rules, the book includes techniques and recipes as follow:

  • Sous-Vide - 'Under vacuum' cooking, e.g. Confit salmon with pomme puree and squid ink;
  • Transglutaminase - 'meat glue' e.g. Salmon and lemon sole terrine
  • Dehydration - e.g. Beet powder and black olive 'soil'
  • Centrifugal Cooking - e.g. Clarified watermelon cocktail
  • Evaporation - How to make mouth-watering syrups and beverages without artificial flavourings
  • Rapid Infusion - How to infuse flavours into liquids, e.g. Celery ice cream
  • Adding Smoke - e.g. Smoked chocolate mousse
  • Spherification - e.g. Sweet chili bubbles with roast duck
  • Carbonation - How to intensify the flavours and aromas of foods
  • Foams and Airs - e.g. Shellfish bisque with a lemongrass foam
  • Hydrocolloids (gels, gums) - Cured salmon with cucumber jelly
  • Liquid Nitrogen - For super-smooth sweet and savoury ice creams
  • Food Pairing - An essential skill in molecular gastronomy
  • Avant-Garde Presentation - Inspiration and tips
  • Multi-sensory Taste Perception - The five senses in molecular gastronomy.

Molecular Gastronomy at Home shows how with clear technical guidance, delicious and easy-to-follow recipes plus a generous dose of patience, home cooks can take culinary physics out of the lab and into their home kitchen.

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