Maple Wood Beater


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Origin: Germany
SKU: KL0003
Size: 25cm


The quirl maple wood beater lets you try your hand at old-fashioned butter churning! The utensil is popular in Germany, though versions of this utensil can be found all over Central & Eastern Europe and even India.

Pour double cream into a tall, sturdy glass jar until it’s between half and three-quarters full. Set it on a slightly damp tea towel on your work surface to prevent it slipping around, and put the wooden beater in the jar ‘star’ down.

Roll the stem of the beater briskly between the palms of your hands. Continue until you feel the texture of the cream change – it should go thick and foamy and then suddenly separate. This can easily take 10 minutes or more, so some stamina is required! 

When it separates, the yellow, fatty solids are your very own homemade butter. Strain and give the butter solids a rinse, then salt or spice to taste. Keep in the fridge – if you don’t eat it all straight away, that is!

The maple wood beater is also excellent for frothing up hot chocolate or for beating batters. The flat, star-shaped head is good for breaking up lumps of flour. 

The maple wood beater is 25cm long.

Hand wash only.

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