Malt Extract


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Size: 370g
Cuisine: China, USA
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Technique: Patisserie


Malt is the most widely used barley product in the world - it is used as a sweeter in China and Korea, painted on the skin of Peking duck to provide gloss and sweetness; and in the US it is mixed with hot milk to be drunk as malted milk; and in baking, it is used to provide sugars to help yeast growth and help keep baked goods moist; 

Malt extract is a syrup made from barley grains that are moistened and allowed to germinate. The germination process helps to convert the starch in the grain into sugars, making a naturally sweet syrup. There are subtle differences between malt extract and malt syrup - malt extract is has a richer malty flavour and is made with just the malted barley grains; whereas in making the syrup, other grains are added after the germination process, so the flavour is slightly less intense. 

Use a natural sweetener in cooking, in breadmaking to help activate the yeast and bring additional flavour, or stir into hot milk for a soothing nighttime drink.

Ingredients: 100% barley malt extract

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