Lye Water


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Origin: Hong Kong SAR China
SKU: SE0028
Size: 300ml
Cuisine: China, Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Also known as: Kansui, potash, alkaline, food grade potassium carbonate solution
Recipe Ideas: 3 Tips For Making Chinese Mooncakes


Food grade lye water is a potent liquid alkaline (potassium carbonate) used in home brewing and baking, to raise the pH of dough. Lye water is also used to make traditional ramen noodles – it gives them their distinctive yellow colour, springy texture, and helps to prevent them from disintegrating in the broth. Lye water is also used to make Eastern European breads, such as bagels and pretzels and Chinese moon cakes to help them develop a richer brown surface during cooking. The alkali is also used for the Scandinavian delicacy lutefisk, and Chinese century eggs are often made by soaking them in a lye-salt brine.

Wear gloves when using lye water, and mix careful ratios according to your recipe.

Ingredients: Water (58%), potassium carbonate (42%)

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