Lakrids Salty Liquorice Syrup


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Origin: Denmark
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Size: 300g
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Lakrids liquorice syrup is a great ingredient in cooking, baking and even cocktails. This salty liquorice syrup version puts a savoury twist on the classic liquorice flavour – try adding some salty liquorice syrup to marinades for chicken or pork for a uniquely flavoured sticky glaze.

You can also make a sinfully dark salty liquorice caramel sauce to go with ice cream and other desserts. Simply bring 80g syrup, 250g sugar and 200ml double cream to the boil without stirring and heat until the mixture reaches 115°C. Then remove the pan from the heat and stir in 20g butter. Pour into the base of a pastry case and leave to cool to create a chewy salted liquorice caramel base for a tart, or drizzle warm over vanilla ice cream or gooey chocolate brownies.

Lakrids liquorice comes all the way from one of the finest liquorice producers in Denmark, the home of liquorice. In 2007, Lakrids started as the dream of Johan Bülow, who didn’t understand why liquorice was so rarely blended with other flavours. Nor why liquorice had traditionally been made using wheat flour, instead of a gluten free flour. It turns out that both are very difficult! But with much trial and error, Johan Bülow started to produce some of the finest liquorice in the world. Lakrids liquorice is only made with gluten free rice flour, and he treats liquorice as a spice – one which enhances and perfectly complements other flavours.

Ingredients: treacle, 1% ammonium chloride, 1% raw liquorice, anise.

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