Kombucha Brewing Jar 5L


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Size: 5lt
Technique: Preserving


The five litre kombucha brewing jar is a must-have for regular kombucha makers! This specially designed fermenting jar has a cloth air filter to allow the kombucha culture to ‘breathe’, and there’s even a built-in tap valve - so there’s no messy transferring of your finished kombucha to bottles. The kombucha brewing jar comes with a recipe booklet that takes you through the basics of kombucha fermentation, as well as providing exciting recipe ideas for the more experienced.

Kombucha is a popular pro-biotic drink made by fermenting sweet tea. A kombucha culture or ‘SCOBY’ digests the sugar in the tea, creating an abundance of anti-oxidants and vitamins as a result. The final drink is fizzy, tangy and packed with nutrients.

Please note, the kombucha brewing jar does not include a SCOBY.

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