Kiri Mochi Rice Cake


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Origin: Japan
SKU: JP0042
Size: 8 servings, 400g
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 months
Technique: Patisserie


Kiri mochi is an instant storecupboard ingredient in Japan. Made from glutinous rice, the mochi rice cakes are firm when uncooked, but have a distinctive mellow chewiness when cooked. These mochi are not the sweetened balls of glutinous rice filled with red bean that you find in the fridge section of a Japanese supermarket - instead they are an unsweetened version of the same thing, most often enjoyed in savoury dishes. 

Simmer the mochi in umami-rich dashi stock to make ozoni soup, enjoyed on New Year's Day in Japan. Or simmer, and then fry - so you have a crisped brown outside with an unctuous chewy middle. Great to serve with a fried egg, include in an onokomiyaki omelette recipe, or just fold around some sweetened red bean paste!

To cook: Bake for about four to five minutes in the grill, until the surface of the mochi rice cake is browned. Switch off the grill without opening the door, and leave the mochi inside for about two minutes as the centre softens. Alternatively simmer in hot water for 2 minutes until soft, or microwave for a few minutes.

Contains 8 individually wrapped servings. Ingredients: Glutinous rice, water

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