Kimchi Fermentation Box


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Origin: South Korea
SKU: BB0081
Size: 5.5 Litres
Cuisine: Korea
Technique: Preserving


Ferment your own authentic Korean kimchi using this airtight Korean kimchi making box. The specialist kimchi pickle box includes an inner lid, with seal and carbon air filter.

Kimchi is the quintessential Korean condiment, and nearly every family has their own recipe. Modern plastic fermentation containers are becoming more popular than glass and ceramic jars – they’re lightweight, easy to store, and the internal ‘plunger’ creates a strong seal that keeps the vegetables submerged.

Kimchi is also notoriously stinky, with many Koreans storing their kimchi in a separate kimchi fridge. This Korean kimchi container means you can store the kimchi alongside your other groceries. The inner lid includes a carbon air filter, which combats the pungent fermenting cabbage odours to keep your fridge fresh! The box also features a handy dial for keeping track of how long your kimchi has been fermenting – just set the dial to the day and month that you started making it.

The kimchi container holds 5.5 litres, so you and your family can have a ready supply of homemade kimchi.

Dishwasher safe. Please note the container doesn't yet contain any kimchi – you'll make that yourself! 

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