Katsuo Bushi Bonito Flakes 500g - Short Dated




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Origin: Japan
Size: 500g
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: currently short dated - BBD 29/05/18
Also known as: Dried bonito, okaka, katsuobushi
Recipe Ideas: Cucumber and Wakame Salad, Japanese Octopus Takoyaki Recipe, Japanese Ponzu Sauce and Octopus Salad


Bonito flakes are tissue-paper thin fish shavings with intense umami flavours. They come from a tuna-like Pacific fish which is dried, fermented to wood-like hardness and then smoked. Use - along with dried kelp - to form the base of the Japanese stock dashi, and or to great garnish for salads and light, Japanese dishes such as fried tofu or somen noodles.

Best before 29th May 2018

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