iSi Gourmet Whipper

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Origin: Austria
SKU: CL0002
Size: 1/2 Litre or 1 Litre
Technique: Modernist and Molecular


The iSi Gourmet Whipper is an indispensable tool for chefs, used to create instant foams, sauces and creams. Designed for use in professional kitchens, the gourmet whipper will help you become a molecular gastronomy whizz - you will make incredible textures without sacrificing intensity of flavour, as no cream or egg is needed to create volume. 

The iSi Gourmet Whipper cream siphon can be used with hot and cold liquids. For cold liquids, keep the filled whipper in the fridge; for warm or hot liquids, rest in a bain marie to keep warm. The heat cover will also keep the Gourmet Whipper insulated (available separately). If you plan to use hot or fridge-cold liquids frequently in a Gourmet Whipper, and wish to keep out on the side for quick use during restuarant service, you may prefer the iSi Thermo Whipper which is made from double-walled stainless steel to keep the liquids insulated. 

Why iSi?

iSi is certainly not the cheapest cream whipper or siphon on the market, but it is the favourite. iSi have been producing whippers and siphons for over 50 years at their factory in Vienna, Austria, with a strict Austrian attention to detail and quality, and meet the highest international demands in terms of technology and quality. Each gourmet whipper includes a two year warranty so you can be sure you are using the best. The gourmet whipper is engineered to work together seamlessly with the iSi nitrous oxide cream whipper chargers

What is in the box?

The iSi Gourmet Whipper is a stainless steel bottle and head, fitted with a stainless steel valve. The red protective silicone grip means you can always tell that the product is from iSi. It also comes with a heat resistant gasket, which is easy to remove for quick hygenic cleaning, and a two year warranty.

Choose between the 1/2 litre and 1 litre gourmet whipper. The 1/2 litre gourmet is perfect for home cooks, and the 1 litre is more popular for restaurant and food service.

Just add a nitrous oxide cream whipper charger to use straight away. 

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