Seaweed is today’s super food. High in iron and rich in vitamin C, seaweed is certainly worth cooking with. Plus many seaweeds are rich in glutamic acid – the naturally occurring form of monosodium glutamate – and so bring savoury umami richness to dishes.

Japanese, Korean and Chinese cookbooks all include recipes for seaweed. Yet Western cooks are much less comfortable with seaweed as an ingredient. Treat seaweed as you might green vegetables – rehydrate and toss with vinaigrettes for salads, or stir through soups at the end of cooking for added texture, flavour and nutrients. These simple seaweed recipes make a great introduction to seaweed as an ingredient:

  • Cucumber & wakame seaweed salad This dish is a great introduction to Japanese cooking. It demonstrates how easily dried seaweed can be transformed into a ripe, green salad ingredient, simply tossed with … Read more -->
  • Seaweed tapenade recipe This seaweed tapenade recipe is a great alternative to a more traditional salsa verde. It’s a little less sharp, but has more depth – you can add … Read more -->

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